I got Yahooized!

After being with eBay for a while I decided to move on to new challenges. On Monday I started my new job as a Technical Evangelist for the Yahoo! Developer Network

and I am super excited about all the new opportunities that lie in front of me. Yahoo is a great company and having to opportunity to help build a Developers Program from the ground up is really what got me here. Thanks Jeffrey!

Yahoo! currently offers a couple of API’s like search and Flickr. The search API that allows you to access the Yahoo! Search Engine via REST and get XML results back. The great thing is that you can make your first call within 2 min including sign up! All this can be found on the Yahoo! Developer Network page. But this is just the beginning! We will add a lot of content here and there is a lot in the pipeline that only wait to be made publicly available…

Side fact: A friend of mine who also decided to leave eBay in the last couple of weeks went to PalmONE. Next month they will move into new buildings 3 minutes from here. Mike, welcome to the new neighborhood.

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