Maps API – 1,2,3 for non developers

I got the following question more than once: “I am not a developer, but how can I make use of the Yahoo! Maps API…”.

I will make an attempt to explain all the steps that need to be done to display multiple POI (points of interest) using the API. The result should look similar to this link

It contains the address of the Maps API server and two parameters, appid and xmlsrc.

Written another way:

The first part is static
and the values after ‘appid=’ and ‘xmlsrc=’ need to be replaced.

YOURAPPID To get an appid click here.
YOURXMLFILE would point to the file that contains all the locations you want to display.

The easiest way to get started with your own map is to copy our sample file and modify it. Create your own file on a server that is accessible for the outside. If you don’t have your own web server / domain, you can sign up for free web space e.g. at Geocities and host your file there. Geocities offers you a web interface to upload files. Go to our sample XML file at, do a right click and choose show ‘Page Source’. Mark the complete page and copy it to the Geocities web interface to or a text file if you have ftp access to a server and save it e.g. as sample.xml.

Now you can complete the link above with you xmlsrc. For Geocities it would look something like that If you enter the full link from above in your browser with the modified parameters, you should see your own map.

The final step would be to change the locations to display your own. Have fun!

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