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Cross-Browser Drag and Drop libraries (and more) unleashed

Monday, February 13th, 2006

Developing Web sites has become much more then just adding text placed between HTML tags. Good examples are Google Maps or the new Yahoo Mail client. Major challenges are browser in developing those applications is browser normalization and implementing advanced features like drag and drop.

There are already a couple of toolkits out that deal with those issues like DOJO, Zimbra and Sarissa just to name a few. Each one has different strength and feature sets. Today, Yahoo! announced that they put their home grown JavaScript libraries under the FreeBSD license which is available at

The Toolkit contains JavaScript files that make it much easier to develop more sophisticated web UIs. Features that are included are

It comes with some so called UI Components e.g a calendar that enables users to move between months or select a specific date and more.

Update: This blog post covers the libraries with a lot of detail.