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PayPal inline hockey team on a winning streak

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Here is the hockey update: As I mentioned before, I joined the PayPal roller hockey team this season. After a four games winning streak we are currently on second place and have two more games to play in the regular season. To make the play-offs we need one more point in 2 games.

Go Team!

Update: So that didn’t work out that well… Let\’s wait and see how the other teams did.

Getting back in shape…

Friday, March 4th, 2005

After not playing for the whole winter I really wanted to get back into roller hockey (I really have to :) ).
Through the hockey mailing list at eBay I found out that we actually have a PayPal roller hockey team and they were looking for a defender. That worked out perfectly. Starting next Wednesday I will play hockey on regulary basis! Yeah, I am looking forward to that!

Here is the link to our schedule at Rollin’ Ice (Team PayPal)