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Python MyWeb to Exporter

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Last week I put together a Python script that takes MyWeb bookmarks and imports them into The source is linked to below.

Big parts about Web2.0 are openness, web services (which support #1), a social network and, and, and!

Openness…! I was using and when MyWeb launched I tried that out for a while. A couple of days back I decided to export the MyWeb links to sync the two accounts.

The problem: The MyWeb web interface only gives you a list of bookmarks similar what Netscape 4.71 did.

The good news: MyWeb has an API that let’s you get to the links, tags, description…! One limitation is that the API does not support authentication and therefore only returns public bookmarks. on the other hand supports authentication which enables application to add links on behalf of a user. That is all that’s needed to solve the problem above.

Why Python?: I didn’t program in that language before and inspired by Simon’s Python Developer Center I had to give it a shot.

Check out the Source Code – Python MyWeb to Exporter!