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Coming up… SDForum Web services talk

Monday, September 19th, 2005

Next Tuesday I will give a talk on “Yahoo! Widgets powered by Yahoo! APIs” at the SDForum.

I will give an overview of the Yahoo! Web services and show what kind of cool applications can be build using it. But that is just to warm up. The main feature is a “How To” on building a Yahoo! (Konfabulator) widget and use it to retrieve data via Web services. Check out the full description at the SDForum Calendar.

If you are in the area, join me at the eBay’s Silicon Valley Conference Center.

An interesting side note is that I met Jeffrey (my manager) at SDForum when he was giving a talk on eBay Web services.

Yahoo! Mail Beta. Giddy up!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Are you looking for a new mail interface with a lot of new features? The new Yahoo! Mail in in beta. To sign up click here!

Maps API – 1,2,3 for non developers

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

I got the following question more than once: “I am not a developer, but how can I make use of the Yahoo! Maps API…”.

I will make an attempt to explain all the steps that need to be done to display multiple POI (points of interest) using the API. The result should look similar to this link

It contains the address of the Maps API server and two parameters, appid and xmlsrc.

Written another way:

The first part is static
and the values after ‘appid=’ and ‘xmlsrc=’ need to be replaced.

YOURAPPID To get an appid click here.
YOURXMLFILE would point to the file that contains all the locations you want to display.

The easiest way to get started with your own map is to copy our sample file and modify it. Create your own file on a server that is accessible for the outside. If you don’t have your own web server / domain, you can sign up for free web space e.g. at Geocities and host your file there. Geocities offers you a web interface to upload files. Go to our sample XML file at, do a right click and choose show ‘Page Source’. Mark the complete page and copy it to the Geocities web interface to or a text file if you have ftp access to a server and save it e.g. as sample.xml.

Now you can complete the link above with you xmlsrc. For Geocities it would look something like that If you enter the full link from above in your browser with the modified parameters, you should see your own map.

The final step would be to change the locations to display your own. Have fun!

Catching up…

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

I haven’t been blogging in the last couple of week but a lot of stuff happened. So here is my attempt to catch up.

The latest news is that we launched the Yahoo! Shopping API today. You can use it to build comparison shopping applications. I works like our other Search Services, REST based calls that return XML.

Two weeks ago Yahoo acquired Konfabulator what can be found at It is similar to the Apple Dashboard but better, not only because it supports Windows and Mac.

Later today we (Yahoo! Developer Network) will head to Portland for the O’Reilly OSCON. Come by and see us there!

Yahoo! Maps API available

Friday, July 1st, 2005

On Wednesday both Yahoo! and Google announced an API to interact with their maps at the Where 2.0 conference. Jeffrey covered the differences of the two products in his blog post.

It is pretty staight forward to work with the maps API. This is all it takes to display additional information on top of Yahoo! Maps.…. The information about what should be displayed is defined in the XML document (xmlsrc).

Here is a nice sample that maps traffic cams in the Bay Area.

I got Yahooized!

Friday, June 10th, 2005

After being with eBay for a while I decided to move on to new challenges. On Monday I started my new job as a Technical Evangelist for the Yahoo! Developer Network

and I am super excited about all the new opportunities that lie in front of me. Yahoo is a great company and having to opportunity to help build a Developers Program from the ground up is really what got me here. Thanks Jeffrey!

Yahoo! currently offers a couple of API’s like search and Flickr. The search API that allows you to access the Yahoo! Search Engine via REST and get XML results back. The great thing is that you can make your first call within 2 min including sign up! All this can be found on the Yahoo! Developer Network page. But this is just the beginning! We will add a lot of content here and there is a lot in the pipeline that only wait to be made publicly available…

Side fact: A friend of mine who also decided to leave eBay in the last couple of weeks went to PalmONE. Next month they will move into new buildings 3 minutes from here. Mike, welcome to the new neighborhood.